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Re: I would like to change the behavior of MCS label creations in directory.

Christopher J. PeBenito wrote:
On 10/14/11 11:57, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
Eric and I have come up with the following syntax for this behaviour.

default_trans level dir_file_class_set parent;

I think we want this to be "range" instead of "level", since the field is actually a range.

default_trans user dir_file_class_set process;
default_trans role file parent;

Isn't there a better set of tokens than this?  Why not make it default_user, default_role, default_type, and default_range?  Creating an object doesn't really imply a transition, so "trans" seems misleading.

I agree with Chris. This will actually let you make things not transition by default so _trans is misleading. Further, "process" shouldn't be a token since it is an object class (you couldn't actually parse policy with Eric's patches could you?). I don't like "parent" as a token either, and SELinux doesn't know anything about processes and parents anyway. SDS's suggestions a while back are more appropriate IMO, since SELinux does know what source and target are.

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