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Re: Grsec or lids?

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002 21:34:56 +0100
marttr <marttr@online.no> wrote:

> Grsecurity or LIDS?
> Regards Kristoffer
Hello Kristoffer,

Both of the patches you mention are quite good, though I prefer
GRSecurity. Being short and objective, is because GRSecurity 
includes all the features that LIDS can give you, plus a couple
of other, quite interesting. Just to give an example, LIDS only
detects a portscan, though with GRsecurity you can detect it and 
bogus the reply to make OS fingerprint more difficult (I won't
say impossible).

Still this is just my opnion, and you'll probably receive all
kind of feedbacks from this list. Maybe if I were you I would
try both of them and see which would suit me better.

Good luck to you and your friends.


P. Abrantes

	Computer Science Student @
	Instituto Superior Tecnico 
 "A language that doesn't affect the way 
you think about programming is not worth
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