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Re: Broudcast


 What kind of network do you have? Switch based or a hub based? 
 Whatever the case it is, you will get the broadcast from almost all the 
machines. There is no problem with these packets. 
 I guess if you press h it will display the help from which you can make it 
out how to view the machines. 

Linux Security Expert

On Saturday 30 November 2002 13:51, S. Khademi wrote:
>  Hi,
>  For analysing my network I use ntop program, I see in my stats-->traffic I
>  have a lot of broudcast packet (unicast is: 53.9%, broudcast is: 44.9%,
>  and multicast is 1.2%). How I can find machins (or IP addresses)
>  in my network that send broudcast packets.??
>  Thanks


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