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DMZ implementation

Hello all,

I have a small home LAN, about 7 computers, and finally
I'm getting ADSL installed. Since I'm thinking in providing
services, such as ssh and http, I'm considering to implement
a DMZ. So I can leave those services in the DMZ, and leave
my private LAN alone.
What I have in mind is something like:

Internet <- eth0 -> Gateway with NAT <- eth1 -> Switch for LAN 
                                     <- eth2 -> DMZ 

My question is, if it is secure to get my gateway double legged, as
Or, should I get a 1st gateway that would NAT my DMZ and inside my DMZ,
would just have another gateway that would provide NAT for my private
LAN. This one seems more secure, since, if I get my 1st gateway 
cracked the attacker still has to discover and beat the 2nd one. Though,
I do not see anymore advantages...

Some thoughts and ideas on how should I really implement would be nice.


P. Abrantes
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