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RE: difference on linux advanced server...


Is this distribution also available by download ?
I've checked their ftp server, but I only see the SRPMS.

I would like to test it before choosing or not to pay for it.

Thanks for any responses,

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>|From: Michael French [mailto:mfrench@ashevillemail.com]
>|Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 8:34 AM
>|To: security-discuss@linuxsecurity.com
>|Subject: Re: difference on linux advanced server...
>|    I have a copy at work, haven't installed it yet.  It has 
>|some added
>|functions and kernel modifications.  It also has a much 
>|longer release cycle
>|so there are fewer patches and updates and they are more 
>|thoroughly tested
>|when there are releases.  Here is some info from Redhat's site:
>|Performance and scalability enhancements
>|Red Hat Linux Advanced Server kernel enhancements provide dramatic new
>|"scale-up" capabilities--allowing you to realize full performance from
>|today's modern servers:
>|  a.. Asynchronous I/O support: Applications no longer need 
>|to pause after
>|issuing read I/Os until they are complete.
>|  b.. Increased SMP granularity: Particularly in the SCSI I/O 
>|permitting increased I/O throughput in SMP systems with multiple I/O
>|  c.. SMP Scheduler enhancements: Support process-CPU affinity, which
>|improves performance by increasing the CPU cache hit-rate and greatly
>|reducing spinlock contention in SMP systems.
>|  d.. Bounce Buffer Elimination: Greatly reduces I/O-related 
>|memory copy
>|operations in large memory systems (>1GB memory).
>|High availability enhancements
>|Red Hat Linux Advanced Server features a sophisticated high 
>|clustering technology called Cluster Manager. Cluster Manager 
>|provides an
>|application failover infrastructure that can be used by a 
>|wide range of
>|applications, including:
>|  a.. Most custom and mainstream commercial applications
>|  b.. File and print serving
>|  c.. Databases and database applications
>|  d.. Messaging applications
>|  e.. Internet and Open Source application
>|With Cluster Manager, these applications can be deployed in high
>|availability configurations so that they are always 
>|operational; bringing
>|"scale-out" capabilities to enterprise Linux deployments.
>|For high-volume open-source applications, such as NFS, Samba 
>|and Apache,
>|Cluster Manager provides a complete ready-to-use failover 
>|solution. For most
>|other applications customers create custom failover scripts 
>|using provided
>|templates. Red Hat Professional Services can provide custom 
>|Cluster Manager
>|deployment services where required - please contact Sales for 
>|Cluster Manager features
>|  a.. NFS/CIFS Failover: Supports highly available file 
>|serving in Unix and
>|Windows environments.
>|  b.. Fully Shared Storage Subsystem: All cluster members 
>|have access to the
>|same storage.
>|  c.. Comprehensive Data Integrity guarantees: Using the 
>|latest I/O barrier
>|technology, such as programmable power switches and watchdog timers.
>|  d.. SCSI and Fibre Channel support: Cluster Manager 
>|configurations can be
>|deployed using latest SCSI and Fibre Channel technology. 
>|configurations can readily be made highly available.
>|  e.. Service failover: Cluster Manager not only ensures 
>|hardware shutdowns
>|or failures are detected and recovered from automatically, 
>|but will also
>|monitor your applications to ensure they are running 
>|correctly, and will
>|restart them automatically if they fail.
>|Michael French
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>|From: "aeab" <aeab@iiu.edu.my>
>|To: <security-discuss@linuxsecurity.com>
>|Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2002 11:13 PM
>|Subject: difference on linux advanced server...
>|> hi there....
>|> our co's need to buy a new server....as usual what i did 
>|was just give the
>|> server specs and the installation is done by our team...linux OS...
>|> however my management heard of this R.H linux advanced 
>|server and wanted
>|> this ...hmmm what i learnt is this advanced server is for 
>|mission critical
>|> systems  i.e. millitary or tasks that needed real time..critical...
>|> er any of u guys have any experience in dealing with this? 
>|big difference
>|> with the ordinary linux?
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>|> From: "many Lists.." <many_lists@yahoo.com>
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>|> Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 2:07 PM
>|> Subject: Banners through Apache and Squid
>|> >
>|> > A lot of free webpage hosting sites like tripod
>|> > geocities etc display their banner on visiting the
>|> > website although the source code uploaded or even
>|> > after downloading from those servers does not contain
>|> > any source code for banners links.
>|> >
>|> > It has to be done through webserver so any pointers to
>|> > how do we do it in apache?
>|> > and if a user is browsing through our proxy servers
>|> > can we also embedd any html source code on every site
>|> > it is visited through proxy server. banners like top
>|> > bar or bottom or side bars or a redirecting banner or
>|> > anything through both of them Apache and Squid.
>|> >
>|> > Thank you in advance
>|> >
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