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OT: certain ip ???

Hello dear Linuxers,

Sorry for this Off Topic question, but will not do it often.
Does anybody know what is behind ???
Is this a satellite or something else ?

I tried to trace it back a bit, and it ends in the gulf of guinea.
(with geotrace)

It seems that this ip has occupied the e-mail server at my provider
and knows each time, when I am online and when not . . . though this 
ip-addy is not my provider . . .

I checked anything through. There is no trojan or rootkit on my puter.

nmap in order to try to find out, who is behind , fails, cause it is

This striking ip-addy was not there in the beginning. In the beginning
were only the ip-addies of my provider. One day this striking one popped
up continually, after checking with whois . . . trying to spoof and to
hide behind the provider addies . . .

For feedback tuvm.

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