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--- In script-fu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Carol Spears <carol@xxxx> wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 04:01:12AM -0000, kngrdwn wrote:
> > Odd.  If you hit Enter with the Procedure Browser open, it 
returns to 
> > the Procedure Browser.  If you hit Enter with the cursor anywhere 
> > in the Current Command area nothing happens, presumably because 
> > waiting for values to be entered.  
> > 
> > Having got it to enter the line, which calls for a variety of 
> > not necessarily applicable when attempting to process a large 
> > of files, it prompts this error msg:  ERROR: unbound variable 
> > run_mode)
> > 
> run_mode is an unrequired parameter.  more than that if you use the
> parameter it will break your attempt.  i do not understand the 
> they wrote it this way however, it is documented at the gimp web 
> although, it might be in a perl scripting how to.
> this part is very crudely done -- no arguements from me about that.
> > Based on your response on the other forum, and not knowing 
> > Perl or Python, I'd have to guess it's looking for a filename 
> > location variables.  I'm not really trying to create a script 
> > identifies filenames, however.
> > 
> > It's weird.  Over the last 15 years I've worked with lots of 
> > editors, most of which have some form of scripting 
> > I've edited in most, although I'm not a programmer.  Since Gimp 
> > been around a while, I expected a little more advanced 
> > (advanced as in easier for artists to work with :).
> > 
> > Oh well...
> > 
> there are several notions of what the word "artist" means.  i think 
> has been used successfully by artists via scripting.  it is 
> that a person does not get the term artist applied to them unless 
> are hired and given this title or they die and their work becomes
> valuable to the people who trade it for money.
> i have a rather romantic notion of the word artist.  it is somewhat
> media driven as well -- inspired by movies about dead artists and 
> books i have read.
> this notion involves a human actually learning to make brushes and
> stretch canvases and work from the most basic of tools up to being a
> full-fledged artist.  hell, some of the art teachers were extremely 
> and cussed to deal with and might have insisted that the apprentice 
> to the desert and get his or her own camel hair for his or her 
> brushes.
> i actually know of too many hackers who are much like this 
> you use whatever definitions and software you want to accomplish 
> tasks and call yourself an artist, i seriously do not care how you 
> this and wish you all the good fortune in getting it done.
> i must say, on a personal note, all this email exchange about scheme
> really makes me want to put the old gimp news guy back into the 
> regardless of his opinion if he belongs there or not.
> i would stay away from scheme if i were you.
> i am not you though.
> carol

Well I have nothing against pulling hairs from the tip of a sable's 
arse (tail actually) if it makes a person feel more artistically 
authentic.  But why bother if you've done it before?  

Seems to me the time spent finding a sable and getting it in the mood 
to let you do that near its arse could be better spent painting, 
unless a person wants to be a sable hair brushmaker.

In this case, the metaphor is more akin to learning a new way to make 
a loom so you'll be able to weave some canvas to paint on once you 
finish spinning the cotton into thread.  

Yeah, I'm done with scheming

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