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Re: walexander@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At 09:52 PM 6/8/2002 +0100, dickbo wrote:
>You cannot possibly warn anyone about deficiencies within a product spec if
>you have never ownd or used the product.
>All that you are doing is repeating heresay or second hand information which
>has no value to anyone because you cannot prove your claims personally.
>If you are going to be critical of a product then kindly supply the results
>of all your test analysis including a list of all the test equipment used in
>your assesment.
>Now go and produce a 2000 word analysis of all the "Good" things that you
>like about Nikon and do include you own personal experiences with this

Is it your contention that one would have to have taken a fatal dose of 
arsenic before being able to warn others that arsenic can be fatal? Or 
perhaps that one would have to have personally performed the lab 
experiments to determine the fatal dose? Otherwise, one cannot prove one's 
claims personally. If that contention were true, then no one could learn 
anything other than by one's own personal experience. Fortunately, we have 
these things called "civilization," and "history," and "literature," and 
"science" which enable us all to learn things from the experience of 
others. If we didn't have that, then most of us would still be trying to 
figure out which plants were edible.

I must presume that you did not independently invent the English language 
and you probably didn't independently invent the transistor or the digital 
computer or the stored program or the internet (you don't claim to be Al 
Gore, after all). Yet you are able to use computers to communicate your 
ideas using a language that many people understand. So the very existence 
of your own emails refutes your argument.


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