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Re: agfa scala scanning

I never used ICE on Scala slides so that might be a problem area to look at.
I have scanned using Vuescan as grayscale using the film setting for black
and white positive film (it as a generic Kodak setting I think).  I have
also scanned as RGB and converted to grayscale in Photoshop.  All these
options worked fine.

Have you tried without ICE?


On 25/5/02 5:38 am, "Mehrdad Sadat" <m.sadat@verizon.net> wrote:

> simon i am having problem with ice (total washout of whites), dark scans. do
> scan the scala as gray scale or rgb and what setting do you use?
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> Regards, Mehrdad
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> Simon Lamb
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> On 25/5/02 1:13 am, "Mehrdad Sadat" <m.sadat@verizon.net> wrote:
>> does anybody out there have any experience with scanning this film rated @
>> iso. i have the nikon ed4000 and both vuescan & nikon software, having
> hard
>> time scanning this film
> Mehrdad
> I have scanned lots of Scala, much of it on a Nikon LS30.  What problems are
> you having.  I have many examples of Scala scanned images.  All the images
> under Portrait on the link below (except Towels) are Scala images.
> Simon

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