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RE: Polaroid Sprintscan 4000 connectivity

Hi Bernie,

If a peripheral has a SCSI interface you need a SCSI interface, adapters
only increase the overhead and slow down communications and also increase
the chances of errors being introduced.  The SCSI interface on you Polaroid
is plenty fast and your only effective option.  Go buy an Adaptec SCSI card
and plug it in, it's a no-brainer.


Chip Louie

> Hello, group. I just joined this list so my apologies if this subject
> has been covered
> before (although a quick search of the archives didn't turn anything
> up).
> I have just gotten a new PC to replace my aging 266-mHz box, which will
> be networked to the new one and relegated to print server duty. The new
> computer (2.2 gHz, 1 GB DDR RAM, twin 80 gig HDs, etc. running under
> Windows XP Pro) has both firewire and USB cards. Unfortunately, I have
> the original SprintScan 4000 (not the newer "Plus" version), which
> appears to be limited to SCSI connectivity. (Same is true for my Agfa
> Duoscan flatbed scanner.) Is there any way to take advantage of the
> faster interfaces (such as a cable/connector adapter) or is SCSI my only
> choice?
> Bernie Epstein

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