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Nikon CoolScan IV ED (was Canon FS 4000 & Minolta Scan Elite II Questions)

Hi List:

   I've pretty much removed the Minolta from consideration; sort
of replacing it with the Nikon CoolScan IV ED (still looking at
the Canon). While the interface looks a little intimidating on
the Nikon, the specs look good and it does include ROC and GEM
in addition to ICE. I'm just looking for anyone on the list who
owns and uses this scanner. Again, I have Windows XP, 512 RAM,
and would do the scanning through Photoshop 7.
   The resolution for the Nikon is less than the Canon FS 4000
but I don't think this will be an issue for me. I'll be mostly
making prints between 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 on Epson Heavyweight
Matte paper. Some archiving on CDs. 
   I looked at test scans on Imaging Resource's site:


and they look very clean. No banding or streaking and little if
any noise in the dark shadows but of course this is just one
review. DMax is a tad higher than the Canon though I don't know
how reliable figures for that value really are. I'm sure there
are scanners with higher figures for this but frankly I'm
willing to trade some shadow capture for no banding or streaking
and minimal noise. The Minolta seems to have a major problem in
this area - perhaps poor quality control in the manufacturing.
   I'm still struggling with a lot of this digital stuff
(curves, profiles, and bit depth give me a headache) so any help
would be appreciated greatly. 
   Basically what I am looking for is a reliable product to scan
my slides so I can then make modest-size prints.


Richard Martin specializes in Cityscape and Waterscape stock photography as well as Children's Portraiture. E-mail: marphoto@yahoo.com

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