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Re: Scanner suggestion for small organization?

Sometimes we cannot afford what we want.  Need does not necessarily change our
budgets.  And from the sounds of you posts, your needs are bigger than you

Harvey Ferdschneider
partner, SKID Photography, NYC

> > You can get by with a flatbed scanner for paper, prints, art and so on, and
> > even large-format film, but I think you'll find you need a film scanner for
> > small and medium format films, in order to get quality prints for the
> > collection or sale or exhibit.
> > I'm a former curator in a history/art museum.
> Thank for the professional feed back!
> Unfortunately, we are not that rich ...
> We are looking for a scanner to keep track of collections, loans, etc.
> If needed, I can scan films and slides at a high resolution.
> Suggestions?
> Francoise
> IAHS computer-Research chair
> -

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