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Re: New to the list

>[snip] Depends how critical they are about defects on the image - 
>and also on whether they are scanning slides or negs, the latter 
>being much more prone to defects.

Are negs more prone than slides to defects _as they come from the 
lab_? Or just as they age, especially as they go in and out of the 
holder that feeds them to the scanner? I know I'm not very good at 
using that thing, and my clumsiness seems to matter less when I load 

May I also ask about "FARE"? I remember hearing only of ICE, as a 
Nikon feature I believe. Which scanners come with FARE?

Incidentally, I disliked SilverFast as much as Jerry did. But, I now 
think, only because it was so poorly documented (still is I believe). 
And I'm slowly coming to find it more useful. If my 4000 died today, 
I think I'd get a 4000 Plus to replace it, although I am troubled by 
David Hemingway having left Polaroid. But it's not as if Nikon or 
Canon or Minolta has anyone like him either.


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