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Re: Proposal for Scanner Comparison

The majority of my experience is in using the SS4000+ with slides.  I
have noted that the results are not as effective with negatives.  Then
again, I have yet to find the results of any scanner I have used as
effective with negatives, in spite of what others experience.  However,
having said that, I did find the SS4000+ better than the others with negs.

In terms of slides, both the SS4000 and SS4000+ have a long reputation
for quality results.  I can only assume your experience is due to a
defective unit, or some problem with software.

In regard to Insight, as you probably noted, it can be set to imbed a
color space, such as Adobe 98, and this is what I have done with my
versions, and as a result, the image in Photoshop looks identical to how
it appears in Insight.  Also, you have a method of altering the gamma
for Insight to represent you monitor.

I only have my monitor calibrated to Adobe gamma, and beyond that I use
   CMYK  as the input to the Epson printers, and use ink calibration to
get the printer to reproduce the screen colors.  It is probably rather
of an unconventional approach, but it works for me.  This closed loop
method works within my system, although I'm sure it could cause problems
if others used my files.  Images needed externally go as RGB files most
of the time.

I suspect you will find the Canon FS4000 more disappointing than the
Polaroids, but who knows.  The Canon has a much more limited dynamic
range than the SS4000+.  This might mean you have to save your pocket
change for a Nikon, or beyond.  But, you'll have to decide what works
best for your applications.


Jerry Olson wrote:

 > Hi Art,
 >  I tried unsharp masking. Didn't work, just added grainy like particles,
 > even at a fairly low 100 amount, threshold 3, and radius of .07, my
 > usual settings. My Digital Canon images can easily take 500 amount
 > without showing any artifacts at all. But not the polaroid scanner! The
 > grain in the sky was very sharp when brought into photoshop, but the
 > cross lit brick wall taken on a tripod at f8 with a canon macro lens and
 > ISO 100 Fujicolor was not. That image was sharper on the 2710 F. That
 > would indicate a lens that wasn't all that sharp, although why the sky
 > grain is sharp and the brick wall wasn't is a little confusing. The
 > negative is VERY sharp.  I really disliked both insight software and
 > Silver fast.
 > When using silver fast when scanning black and white negatives, I was
 > unable to get any scan that was acceptable. All the tools were grayed
 > out, like curves, levels, etc. Prescans came in terribly dark, even
 > though the neg was a properly exposed one. Then when it opened in
 > photoshop it was about 4 stops overexposed. I tried every setting
 > imaginable all day yesterday, from both softwares, and had terrible luck
 > with black and white negs.  Color negs could be made perfect on the
 > prescan with the tools, but when imported into photoshop they were so
 > far off there was no reason to do any prescan fixes in the first place,
 > as they all had to be done over in photoshop.  I have my monitor
 > calibrated with Spyder's Color cal device, and on my other scanner, what
 > I see on the monitor is the way it prints. So my monitor is ok.
 > I just got fed up and boxed up the scanner. It's going back tomorrow.
 > I'll try the canon. Can't afford the nikon.
 > There's no point in getting any 4000 dpi scanner if it isn't as good as
 > my Canon 2710FS.
 > Jerry
 > Arthur Entlich wrote:
 >>I don't own the Canon 2710, but I do own the Minolta Dual II (2820 dpi)
 >>and have access to the Polaroid SS4000+.  On first blush, I came to some
 >>similar conclusion as you did, but that quickly changed when I used
 >>unsharp masking.  I was able to get nearly noiseless, non-artifacted
 >>results also without regard  to how much I pushed the unsharp masking
 >>with the SS4000+ scan, resulting in a very sharp, even hypersharp image,
 >>if I wanted it.
 >>The Minolta scanned image, on the other hand, fell apart very quickly
 >>with a bit of USM, very much restricting how much it could be sharpened.
 >>  Also, if you are not using Insight, make sure the unit is focusing.
 >>Silverfast and maybe Vuescan have an option to manually focus.  Insight
 >>has the autofocus on, as I recall (check preferences to see if there is
 >>anything to check there), I can't recall, and I'm not running the
 >>software right now.).  Also, make sure on the last page of Insight (the
 >>page you are on just prior to final scanning) that you have the
 >>resolution set to 4000 dpi.  I seem to recall it defaulting at 2000 or
 >>something like that.
 >>Jerry Olson wrote:
 >>>Hi Phil,
 >>>Will be anxiously awaiting your tests.
 >>>First impressions with the polaroid 4000 plus aren't as good as I was
 >>>expecting. The images scanned at 4000 DPI Optical are not as sharp 
as the Canon
 >>>2710 FS which it was going to replace. I also got more shadow detail 
from the
 >>>canon, but learning the software correctly would probably fix that. 
However if
 >>>I can't get past the sharpness problem, I'll be returning it. The 
problem may
 >>>be with the scanner, as the differenceis quite noticeable. The 
results should
 >>>have been reversed.
 >>>Carl Grohs wrote:
 >>>>From: "Phil.Lippincott" <phil.lippincott@worldnet.att.net>
 >>>>Subject: Re: Proposal for Scanner Comparison
 >>>>I personally am also planning now on a new web site where
 >>>>over 40 scanner comparisons , with objective benchmarks will be 
online for
 >>>>people to see first hand what they do versus the marketing claims.
 >>>>Phil Lippincott
 >>>>Wonderful idea, can't  wait. A source for unbiased information with 
which to
 >>>>make an informed decision-what a novel idea! Just curious, if you don't
 >>>>mind, what will be the source of the scanners tested? I would find 
it hard
 >>>>to believe that the manufacturers themselves would be willing to 
 >>>>in holding their equipment up to independent testing.
 >>>>Warmest Regards,
 >>>>Carl Grohs, Jr.    Design Directions    Eden, NC

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