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Re: The Creator my 2 cents worth

In a message dated 5/2/2002 9:11:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, nipperdo@earthlink.net writes:

Why do we assume that an Omnicient and All Powerful God would not have
created many  different prophets to minister to the many peoples he
created on the planet he created? Peace. Paul

not if he truly  knew that people would use each prophet as his own shield or weapon against the others- I like to think God had little to do other than setting it all in motion-
what to make of it is up to us- as is our destiny. Our choice, Our growth, Our ignorance.

Let all religion take a 1 year hiatus, so folks can drop the masks they hide behind, see we are all one and the same - let us fix up the state of humanity, and then we can get back to  "tradition" hopefully with an attitude adjustment in there to ward off the mistakes of the past that ALL religions are guilty of harboring.

Then maybe Polaroid will be whole again (preceeding statement included to give this relevance to the list)!

Peace, Logic, Wisdom, Evolution of Thought,

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