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Re: Proposal for Scanner Comparison

From: "Phil.Lippincott" <phil.lippincott@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Re: Proposal for Scanner Comparison

Hi Carl,

    We obtained the URL today the test comparison web site will be titled
"ScannerForum.com".  As you can see I'm also hoping to arrange for a forum
to allow multimedia viewing of some of my scanner technology and "Scan
Technique"  papers and training materials there as well.
     The Scanner Comparison Test Criteria is basically to physically scan
Kodak T-34 Optical Density Scanner Calibration and the U.S. Air Force
Visibility Resolution Targets.  The Kodak target goes between ISO Status A
substrate .02 density to 3.4.  The Air Force target goes between line pairs
millimeter of about 30 to 8000 ppi or dpi. I first started doing these test
1992 because I needed to find out in detail where the sources of scanner
problems originated for a very important client.   I presented the test
methodology at a PMA conference session in 1999.
     On some of the 40 scanner tested the scanner manufacturers have been
helpful.  Companies like Epson, Scitex /Creo, Heidelberg, Howtek, Umax have
helped.  Because I have been doing this for about 10 years most
scanner product managers, know that I am doing it and a few thousand people
viewed the results at trade shows.  Many of the manufacturers who have not
assisted but who have been tested;  had representatives come to see the
at PMA / DIMA this year.  These included Kodak, Nikon, Polaroid and Imacon
instance.  They wanted to see how their product performed, because frankly
of the companies aren't really sure.  They don't all perform these tests and
some of them aren't sure how they should be conducted. Also generally
about the available product specifications directly relate to the scanner
optical quality performances.  So well meaning employees of these companies
appreciate being able to judge the performance for the first time. In all
even when the manufacturer is performing the tests, I have personally been
present to assist them in a proper conduct of the test procedures.
     I hope to offer this web site to the industry for both scanner users
manufacturers to collaborate.  This means if a manufacturer wants to submit
scanners for testing or re-testing etc. they can.  It means also if
owners of scanners want to run the test procedures in a controlled fashion
submit results they also can.  Perhaps with time these kinds of activities
can improve the products, knowledge and general state of affairs of the
industry.  Also if someone owning a scanner doesn't get the same performance
comparably to the test results, they can know that there is a maintenance or
manufacturing problem.
      We'll see how it goes and if people want to get behind this in a

Best Regards,
Phil Lippincott


I have no personal knowledge of these test targets and really don't need it
in order to make use of the results obtained as long as there is some
guidance of how to interpret those results, which I am sure would be

All of this sounds very reasonable and is something that I feel will be very
useful. Obviously, you are someone who has obtained a certain amount of
credibility within the industry. Your ultimate goals are honorable and I
think worthwhile. I look forward to your efforts.

Warmest Regards,
Carl Grohs, Jr.    Design Directions    Eden, NC

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