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Flextight Photo on loan - got two questions

I have been given a Flextight Photo to use for the weekend and I have a
question for any users out there.

The Getting Started manual states in two places that the film is inserted in
the holder emulsion side up.  However, the Flextight Photo manual states
that the film should be loaded emulsion side down.

Can anyone tell me the correct way to load the film.  I did find one 35mm
Scala slide was consistently out of focus when the emulsion side was down
but was in focus as soon as I changed it to be emulsion side up.  Funny
thing is that just about every other image was in focus all the time I have
been doing it emulsion side down.

One other thing.  Is it possible to do a RAW scan.  I want to scan some
Delta 100 and send a RAW file into Photoshop so that I can do all the
manipulation myself.



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