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Nikon Customer Support

I'm not sure if this is funny or pathetic.......I had a problem w/my Nikon IV Nikon Scan 3.1 software....all my neg scans were getting blown out. Called Nikon's 800 number and got a person very quickly....BuT,    "Bob" knew much  much less than I did about the product.  He said that he didnt even have a scanner at his disposal, and that his instruction manual was less detailed than mine!  He was unfamilar with the menu items in NikScan and even the basic the terminology. 
I don't blame "Bob" personally.  He stayed on the line with me for an hour....Basically trial and error..the blind leading the blind.... Very sad....I like the scanner and now that I think I've got the problem licked, have gotten good results...but hope I don't have to deal w/Nikon again.
BTW, I'm still not sure what the problem was....i think I inadvertantly turned off the autoexposure......also...you have to be pretty careful making sure the negatives are aligned properly in the clamshell-like carrier.....having transparent edge of the frame showing thru seems to throw off the readings.

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