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Re: Questions about Genuine Fractals (rafe)

Oh, thanks a bunch, Rafe...I'm trying to learn what others know about this
product, and you won't tell...how about if I bribe you with a Snickers???

on 04/25/2002 09:39 AM, rafe.bustin@verizon.net at rafe.bustin@verizon.net

> On 25 Apr 2002 at 4:21, Kendall Pinion wrote:
>> Really great review with lots of tips about GENUINE FRACTALS at
>> http://www.imaging-resource.com/SOFT/GF/GF.HTM
> Of course, at that particular web site, has anyone ever seen
> a seriously negative review of any product?

> I'd be delighted if some folks on this group tried it out
> and reported on their results (esp. with comparisons
> to simple upsampling in one's image-editor-of-choice.)
> I've done so (long ago) but will refrain from repeating
> my results/observations, for the time being.
> rafe b.

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