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Re: Epson 2450

OK fair enough... hopefully there aren't any companies still using 
plastic surfaces on the bed of the flatbed.


Andrew Borland wrote:

> Art,
> The reason for the deliberate withholding of the manufacturer's name is 
> twofold.
> 1) No longer having that particular machine I cannot prove my assertion 
> that it had "plastic glass".
> 2) The unit in question was purchased 6 or 7 years ago.  I don't 
> believe, in this industry, that any manufacturer should be tarred and 
> feathered for a design decision made that long ago when the technology 
> was young.
> If the scanner in question had been a current product, then the 
> situation would have been entirely different.
> Regards,  Andrew Borland (UK)

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