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Re: Epson 2450

Hi Andrew,

I think you should indicate the name of the manufacturer (and the model) 
publicly.  I certainly would like to know which company would make sure 
a silly decision, since, as I stated before, glass is just a cheaper and 
much more logical choice.  If you won't mention it in public, I'd like 
to know via private email.  If you don't want anyone knowing, I'll keep 
it confidential.

But, I don't see any reason why a "material fact" (excuse the pun) needs 
to be hidden.  Is this company still making flatbed scanners?

Andrew Borland wrote:

> Arthur Entlich wrote:
>>I have yet to see a flatbed scanner that 
>>uses plastic, and I really doubt any company would use it.
> No Names, but my first unit (in the days when 300dpi was state of the 
> art) was wrecked when the staple in the centre of a magazine took a 
> gouge out of the surface of the plastic "glass".  I was not amused.  
> Its replacement was so obviously plastic that I just don't allow 
> staples anywhere near it.  I didn't want to make the same mistake again 
> - even if the 2450 will cost me less than the original 300dpi job!!
> I shall try your heat test on my current one at some stage.
> Regards,  Andrew Borland (UK)

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