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Re: Sprintscan 120 issues/findings (comments welcomed)

In article <3CBB4AE4.509.CF4BE8@localhost>, rafe.bustin@verizon.net 
>The bins have to fall off somewhere, don't they,
>Having the CCD's analog values fall "comfortably"
>inside the A/D limiting values is no huge sin --
>not compared to the opposite error, which really is
>clipping.  The analog values have to be manipulated
>into some range, no?  Better that the range is
>narrower than the A/D's range, than wider.
>I mis-spoke a bit using the word "abrupt."  What
>I meant is that there are no pixels -- none at all --
>represented in the histogram, below, say, 15 o 20
>or so.  (The exact value varies from image to image.)
>But I didn't mean to imply a steep wall in the
>histogram at that point.
That certainly sounds more like a normal distribution than your previous 
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