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Re: Nikon Acknowleges Banding, Sort Of

On 13 Apr 2002 at 3:53, Arthur Entlich wrote:

> So, without knowing what Bob was experiencing, I cannot rule him and his 
> experiences out so quickly.

Who's ruling them out?  I made a comment that Bob's 
observation was inconsistent with the prevailing theory.  
That isn't the same as ruling it out.

> And, just to clarify, the non-calibration of several of the Triline CCD 
> sensor lines is not my theory, it is a theory provided by people I trust 
> and respect, for at least one type of "banding" on the LS-8000 and until 
> someone can provide a better one, it seems plausible and reasonable to me.

Can you give us a cite, then for where you heard ths 
theory -- if not from Ed Hamrick?  Nah, I'll bet you can't, 
or wont.

Fact is, I've been following this matter at least as 
closely as you have (I have a $2750 vested interest in 
it.)  And I clearly remember that your "explanation" 
arrived close on the heels of Ed Hamrick's, and was 
essentially one and the same.

There's no need here for all these categories of banding.  
These are your categories, not mine or Bob's, and 
they're not what we're talking about in this case.

We've been talking about the type of banding that goes 
away (completely) when one turns on "Super Fine 
Scan."  The kind caused by alleged non-calibration of 
2 out of 3 CCD lines, according to that "theory."  Remember?

Lawrence Smith has a sample posted on the web of the 
banding he got.  It's still there, AFAIK.  As you have spoken 
often and loudly of the LS-8000 banding, this sample 
should be known to you.

I posted the FAQ from Nikon's web page just a day or 
two ago, here on this list, where there's another good sample.

I have described the banding on numerous occasions: 
widely spaced, periodic, parallel to the CCD sensor, 
and rather intermittent.

As such, it is quite different from anything I've seen 
on any other scanner I've ever owned, either film 
or flatbed.

rafe b.

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