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Re: A Little Test

I apologize to most of the members of the list for what follows.  I have 
been putting up with this kind of BS from a few people on this list for 
a long time and I'm going to publicly express myself about it.

I would ask if anyone wishes to discuss this further or comment, either 
because you agree or disagree, or even if you wish to hurl insults at 
me, please email me privately at: artistic-1@shaw.ca  I do not wish this 
to become a public flame war. I have attempted to deal with this 
situation in private mail with the people involved without success, and 
I'm losing patience.



 > Hey Art, you can spare us the "favors," OK?
 > Or perhaps bestow your boundless generosity elsewhere. <g>
 > rafe b.

Just who are "US" that you think you represent, Rafe?

The gentleman asked a question about the nature of the triline CCD in 
the Nikon scanner, and I provided a relatively detailed explanation, 
that none of the owners of this scanner bothered to.  If it contained a 
factual error, the human thing to do would have been to say something 
like "that was a helpful explanation, but there's an error in this 
section".  But you and Moreno need to feed your pathetic egos.

Just in case you STILL haven't figured this out.  I don't contribute to 
this list for you, or Dickbo, or Moreno or any other detractors.

Within the several years I have been active on this list, I am pretty 
confident that I have provided more help to people who have posed 
questions or asked for guidance both on this list and in private email, 
as a result of requests made on this list, than any one other 
individual. I have not yet had anyone who has requested assistance tell 
me that I have mislead them or that they have made a poor scanner choice 
because of my advice, and MANY have purchased based upon lengthy private 
email discussions.  Nor do I believe I have ever ignored a request for 
assistance that has come to my mailbox.

I ALWAYS inform people of any associations I might have, and I ALWAYS 
suggest that they go beyond my advice and look at reviews, websites, and 
ask owners of the scanners in question before resolving what to buy.
I do not continually repeat this in public postings, but I do inform 
anyone I correspond with in private email of all of these matters.

I have advised people to buy Primefilm, HP, Acer, Minolta, Canon, 
Polaroid, and yes, even Nikon film scanners based upon their 
requirements and with the caveats I am aware of at the time.  I have 
provided (again, in private mail) lengthy help sessions in getting 
people started, getting them through beginners problems, and buying 
peripheral goods and MUCH, much more.  As one example, I have provided 
step by step instructions personally to many dozens of people who were 
told their Epson printers were "dead" and should be tossed, on how to 
unclog them and get them functional again and everyone has been 
successful.  That information is now quoted on several websites.  I make 
not one cintilla from ANY of this.  I don't sell scanners or printers, 
or repair services. I spend an AVERAGE of 4-5 hours a night (and it is 
night and early morning) corresponding to people both on list and off 
about their scanner and printer questions.  In other words, I sacrifice 
sleep time to do this.

Most of the people I deal with express gratitude for my input and 

READ VERY CAREFULLY: I don't do it for you.

You and your lot are an annoying side-effect that people who try to be 
helpful to others have to regularly deal with.  Your type exist 
everywhere there are people who try to do good deeds. I find you selfish 
and self-centered. You can't understand my motives because they are 
beyond your comprehension.


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