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Re: To David Soderman: A Little Test

> I never had the 8000 open so I wonder how the film carrier moves
> while it scans. It can't be by the gearing teeth at the side of
> the carrier one would think. Is there a more sophisticated
> mechanism inside ?
> I always thought that by the gearing teeth at the side the
> carrier is pulled in and positioned and after that a scan unit
> moves below the single frame to scan it. Never paid attention to
> what it actually does.

I just had a quick look inside, and it seems that there is a transport
mechanism, sitting on two long metal rails, that holds the carrier. I'd
guess that the gears on the carrier are used for frame positioning within
the tranport mechanism, and the carrier/transport mechanism together is what
moves during the scan.

I'm not certain about this, I just know that the film moves during the scan.
I'll leave it to others to provide the technical information (or in some
cases, mis-information).

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