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Proposal for Scanner Comparison

Here's a proposal.  Needs three volunteers.  I'm one.

* One who owns an LS-120 scanner.
* One who owns the Minoltal Multi Pro.
* One who owns the LS-8000 (I'm volunteering.)


 Each participant produces 2 sample chromes and two sample 
 negatives to scan. (1 each of 35 mm, and 1 each of 645 or 6x6
 or 6x7.)  These should be non-precious, because they will end 
 up being mailed to and handled by the other two volunteers.

 Each participant does the very best scans he/she can of those four 
 transparencies.  You can use whatever settings make sense, and/or 
 show the effects of changes in settings.

 The chromes, the negatives, and the scans (on CD) are then 
 submitted to the next person in the rotation.

 When we've rotated twice, there will have been six chromes, 
 and six negatives, each scanned on three different scanners.
 Each volunteer scans his own (4 images) and those of the 
 other two volunteers (4 images each.)

 I'll be happy to post the comparative results on my website.
 Obviously, this will have to consist of snippets, since full-res 
 scans of 6x6 cm targets would be prohibitively large.

Any takers? Any comments or improvements on the procedure? 
I'm open to discussion on the matter.

rafe b.

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