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Minolta Scan Multi Pro - bad negative scans..continued

Hi all

After reading all the posts so far and having experienced bad negative 
scans myself, I strongly suspect (and hoping) that it's the Minolta scanner 
driver that's doing things badly and not the hardware itself.

I just did a 6x7 Provia F SLIDE scan with and without ICE and noticed some 
weird artifacting that did not exist when ICE was off.

In the slide scan without ICE, the artifacting problem did not occur.

Then, I tried Vuescan 7.5.16 on the slide:

Vuescan's scratch reducing algorithm worked nicely on the slide and did not 
show the funny artifacting I was experiencing with Minolta's latest driver. 
I figured that it would be great to use Vuescan for neg scanning since it 
did slides so well.

Kaboom! Vuescan seems to have a bug in its negative scanning mode. When I 
press preview, the scanner initialises and then just hangs.

I have written Ed Hamrick about this and hopefully he'll go fix it soon. 
And then we can seriously test the hypothesis that it's a lousy Minolta 
driver that's screwing up negative scanning on the DSMP.

Else, I am returning the unit to the shop for a Coolscan 8000.

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