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Re: "Pepper grain" (was Minolta Multi Pro)

On 8 Apr 2002 at 8:49, Kennedy McEwen wrote:

> Dear me, Rafe, are you suggesting that the clearly sharper scans from 
> the Minolta on David Soderman's web site are actually better than those 
> from the Nikon?  Now that IS amusing.  ;-)

To be honest, I haven't looked at the images on David's website, 
and have tried to stay out of this thread.

I've been a bit gunshy of web-based scanner comparisons, 
particularly since it was you who critiqued the long-standing 
pages that I had posted several moons ago (and have since 

I posted a couple of URLs a few weeks ago and had to 
suffer through Art's tortuous interpretation of the results. 
Yet another good reason to lay low and steer clear.

I do know that the grain from print film can be badly 
exaggerated in certain circumstances when scanning, 
for reasons that have been discussed on this list several 
times (discussions that you yourself have been involved 
in.)  Aliasing is one of several issues, and not necessarily 
the most critical, IMHO.

rafe b.

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