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Re: To David Soderman: A Little Test

I'm trying to understand the nature of this test and its value.

Nikon scanners, and particularly the 8000ED in super fine mode, uses the 
same CCD sensor line for all three color scans.  The only thing that 
changes is the color of the LED lighting source.

The Minolta, on the other hand, uses three distinct CCD lines, each one 
through a different colored filter, one red, one green and one blue.

One would expect that the later system, as used on all scanners but the 
Nikon, would show more variation since each color uses a unique set of 
elements, and a unique filter.

So, I guess I'm wondering what the results of such a test mean.

What might be more interesting is testing the Nikon in normal mode 
rather than super fine to see how the three lines of elements respond 
when two are not calibrated, and repeat the test several times.


East75th wrote:

> David:
> You might try this to compare your Minolta to the LS-8000:
> http://www.marginalsoftware.com/Temp/scan_of_a_wratten_96_filter.htm
> I make no claims of superiority or inferiority.  This is simply a rough 
> test of how consistently your scanner reads an essentially monochrome 
> image *independent* of grain.
> I'd really be interested in your results (the standard deviations of 
> each of the 3 channels).
> I hope you've been eating your chicken soup.
> Dane Kosaka

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