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RE: dust in my SS4000

I didn't state this properly. I used to use canned air, but eventually
bought a scuba tank. So initially I cleaned out the scanner with canned air,
but once I owned a scuba tank, I don't use canned air.  It is really hard to
blow out a scanner with canned air because canned air needs to be kept
totaly horizontal else the liquid comes out.

I did some investigation on the air in the scuba tanks. The pumps use an
inert vegetable oil so that if any oil does get past the filter, it will not
do much in the way of damage.
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I've cleaned mine out with canned air and later the scuba tank, but I never
noticed dust in the scans, just in the scanner. ;-) Anyway, dust does come
out of the scanner. If the canned air does any good is another story.

No matter what the current claims about the "canned air" doesn't do to the
environment, it is basically untrue. The formulas used are still detrimental
to the atmosphere, the just break down quicker, so they are somewhat better
than the older formulas. but not 100% earth friendly, as they'd like us to

Go with the scuba tank, or a small compressor with air filter/moisture trap.
Better for everything/everyone.

Doug Nobiletti

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