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"Pepper grain" (was Minolta Multi Pro)

Much thanks to Kennedy and Roger Smith for quickly pointing out the
examples of the "pepper grain" seen in Fuji film.  I passed on these
examples to my colleague with the Multi Pro, and he confirms that is the
same effect he is seeing.  However, he now seems a bit spooked by this
effect and wants to trade the machine for the Nikon LS8000.  

This problem, although not similar optically, is like owning a
Hasselblad lens that is "too sharp" for portraits.  It reveals too many
flaws in the subject.  The photographer adds Softars or diffusion
filters to the lens, or uses netting when printing.  After reviewing the
Rains page, and if I understand it correctly, the pepper grain can show
up in scans made by Nikon and Imacon scanners as well, depending on scan
resolution.  I'm not sure if my colleague will be solving this problem
by switching scanner models.

Rocky Kneten

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