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RE: "Pepper grain" (was Minolta Multi Pro)

Can the lack of pepper grain artifacts in the prints be a consequence that
the film is not perfect flat when held in the enlarger. I notice once in a
while I can get enough curvature in TMY that the grain is poorly focused at
the edges when scanned, in effect lowering the optical resolution.

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> Subject: "Pepper grain" (was Minolta Multi Pro)
> 	As far as the specks showing up on darkroom printed images, I
> did re-examine some 11x14 Cibachromes I printed ten years ago. By
> examining light areas of the prints under a loupe, I could faintly
> see tiny specks that looked very much like the "pepper grain", but
> they were completely invisible under normal viewing conditions.
> 	Very interesting.
> Regards,
> Roger Smith

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