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Re: Grain aliasing: do some neg films suffer less than others?

I get a good price on Provia F, (I buy it in 10 roll lots and it comes 
from 20 roll "master packages") but it still is several dollars ($2 or 3 
CAN) more than the Sensia (also sold the same way).  I'd love to see a 
version that sold at the same price as Sensia


gary wrote:

> Provia 100F is cheaper if you buy it in the "Pro-Packs", which have 5 rolls
> in one box. Some stores will sell individual rolls out of the pro-pack, but
> I insist on buying  sealed Pro-Packs. Cardboard must be expensive because
> you save about $2 a roll. The pro-paks seem to be sold only in retail
> stores. When you mail order Provia 100F, it comes in the individual box, but
> not much cheaper than just going to a local store and getting the Pro-Pack.

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