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Re: Grain aliasing and cold cathode

Actually almost all current CCD prosumer film scanners use cold cathode 
light sources.

The only one I can think of which doesn't is Nikon's, using LEDs.

So, Canon, HP, Minolta, Acer, Polaroid all use it.


byard pidgeon wrote:

> Art...or anyone else...are there other scanners using cold cathode? What's
> the particular model of the coldlight Canon scanner, and its specs?
> I remember when I went from condensors in my enlarger to coldlight...what a
> tremendous difference!
> Much less grain, greater tonal range, no such thing as difficult to print
> negs anymore...just beautiful...so if there's a  high res coldlight scanner
> that doesn't have any serious drawbacks (like incompatible with Macs) I want
> it.
> on 03/31/2002 05:42 AM, Arthur Entlich at artistic-1@shaw.ca wrote:
>>The Nikon uses a lighting method which tends to enhance grain.  It uses
>>an LED light source, while your Canon used cold cathode which is more
>>diffuse, which tends to soften grain. 


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