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Re: Moving on

In article <FAEBJHPJNNGCAGDNGLNPKEBMEEAA.gsellani@accesscom.com>, gary 
<gsellani@accesscom.com> writes
>Sales tax is collected from the end user, while VAT is added all along the
>food chain. In theory, sales tax is only collected once.

Whilst VAT can be collected along the production chain it is, exactly 
like sales tax, only paid by the end user.

If you are a business buying product from someone else then any VAT you 
pay on those products can be reclaimed as "Input Tax" from the Inland 
Revenue - but you should be able to obtain the products at prices 
excluding VAT if you are not the end user.

There is a page explaining VAT and small businesses at

>[I say "in theory"
>because some used items get taxed when they are resold.]
Used items are VAT exempt.
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