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Re: Dust and plasticiser haze

In a nutshell... I didn't find anyone.  I did it myself! (Don't tell the 
warranty depot... as I suppose I voided my warranty!)

I do a lot of framing with both glass and plastic fronts, so I've 
learned a bit over the years about what works to avoid lint and 
smearing.  Well washed chamois cloth, microfibre cloths, etc. I have 
half a dozen different anti-static sprays I've tried, most of which 
leave a residue, but sometimes it is still worth using them and then 
removing them, as some of the anti-static qualities seem to remain. I've 
even taken prime lenses apart to clean them on cameras and video 
systems, photocopiers and other.  I don't typically do it for anyone 
else, because its not what I "do" and it always un-nerves me to have to 
work on other people's equipment.  I have done a few local friend's 
scanners, if pressed.  The biggest pain, really, is finding the darn 
release clips and screws, which manufacturers hide.

Now, admittedly, I have yet to try cleaning one over 600 dpi, so, maybe 
1200 or 2400 resolution scanners need surgically clean rooms with 
filtered air, like chip manufacturers use, I don't know.

The few times I have had my stuff fixed locally, it has come back 
looking a lot worse for wear, and usually NOT repaired or with different 
problems, so I pretty much stopped using them.  I sent my Nikon camera 
in for a repair estimate, and when I got it back (I refused the 
estimate) and opened the back, I knew exactly what color carpet their 
test bench had on it... there were fibers and tufts of the carpet in the 
shutter, in the baffling, in the film winder...  just disgusting.  I am 
so glad I didn't let them open the camera up.  Then again, Nikon didn't 
do a great job on the repair either, my autofocus lenses all misfocus 
now, and that wasn't why it was sent in to begin with!

I've come to the conclusion that some things just shouldn't be repaired.
As much as possible, I almost always fight for a factory boxed exchange 
when I get something that is not functioning within warranty.  Repair 
shops just don't seem to be able to replicate the precision the factory 
robots and machines and jigs can, even assuming they are competent 
service people (another if)...  Also, the darn manufacturers often do 
not design their product for being easily repaired.

I have no simple answers. Sorry,


david_bookbinder@sprynet.com wrote:

> Art,
> Where and how did you find someone who was able to clean off 
> the plasticizer haze without getting more dirt on the glass than 
> was there previously? The Epson Authorized tech that worked on 
> my new scanner made a mild dust problem into a bad dust-and-Windex-smear 
> problem. Please let me/us know who and where the competent people 
> you have used are, for future reference.
> Thanks (and sorry for being so obsessive on this topic; I'm waiting 
> to receive yet another Epson 2450 as I write).
> - David

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