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Re: Moving on

It's best that Mr. Hemingway is "moving on", as is Polaroid with it's out of
touch with reality concept of customer service.
Time to get in touch with the new paradigm...you bought it, it's all yours.

on 03/27/2002 01:19 AM, Arthur Entlich at artistic-1@shaw.ca wrote:

> Hemingway, David J wrote:
> (cut to save bandwidth)
>> P.S. Please do not take up bandwidth saying goodbye, it's definitely
> "of topic" [:-)]
> David,
> The statement above, as it reads, Freudian slip and all, is more
> accurate.  It is OF topic.  Not only have you been a great contributor
> to this list, but you have stepped into service of those who needed help
> with a liaison with Polaroid, even when you were not directly active
> with the scanner division.
> Having worked with you closely on several projects on a more
> personal basis over the last several months, I can say with absolute
> honesty that it has been not only a pleasure, but that you also
> represent the best aspects of what Polaroid was known for; customer
> service, honesty, and to step beyond the call of duty.

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