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Re: Dust and plasticiser haze


Where and how did you find someone who was able to clean off 
the plasticizer haze without getting more dirt on the glass than 
was there previously? The Epson Authorized tech that worked on 
my new scanner made a mild dust problem into a bad dust-and-Windex-smear 
problem. Please let me/us know who and where the competent people 
you have used are, for future reference.

Thanks (and sorry for being so obsessive on this topic; I'm waiting 
to receive yet another Epson 2450 as I write).

- David

= = = Original message = = =

David J. Bookbinder wrote:
> As for out-gassing of plasticisers, I haven't noticed any problem 
from this
> with my three-year-old Canon scanner (that is, no hazing of 
the glass).
> Kennedy, is this as common a problem as you indicate?
> - David

This problem seems to be most obvious very early in the life 
of a 
scanner.  I've had all of my flatbeds open to clean plasticizer 
usually when new or a few weeks old.  Since then, the build up 
is very 
slow.  That makes some sense, since the scanners are usually 
exposed to 
the worst conditions during shipment from the orient, and because 
most plasticizer is evaporating off of the plastic early in the 

plastic's life.


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