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Re: Minolta Scan Multi Pro: An Initial Impression

Vuescan helps a bit, but doesn't "resolve" (excuse the pun) the problem.

What about electronic filtering of the signal via hardware, is that a 


gary wrote:

> I think it would be unlikely (but not impossible) that any sharpening would
> be in the firmware of the scanner, but rather in the twain. This means you
> could just download Vuescan to get an unsharpened scan if a sneaky USM is
> the culprit.
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>>Your explanation sounds feasible, except for one thing.  The Minolta
>>Dual II and the Elite II both also suffer from this problem (exaggerated
>>  dirt dust and grain) and they are both optically 2820 x 2820.
>>Now, if you are saying it due to this resolution range, that could
>>explain it, since I recall some discussion around the possibility that
>>scanners in the 2400-2800 dpi range suffer from grain aliasing due to
>>the frequency of the grain relative to the 35mm frame size.
>>Otherwise, I still wonder if the problem isn't "hidden sharpening".

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