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RE: Source for IT8 targets?

On 16 Mar 2002 at 22:49, gary wrote:

> I really don't follow this logic.
> Is the IT8 image done with a camera, light, and physical target, i.e. you
> photograph a standard of some sort? Then it makes sense to me that you could
> need such a target for each variant of film. If the IT8 by itself represents
> a standard for the scanner to scan, then the film shouldn't matter, i.e. the
> manufacturer of the target should compensate for the film.
> I'll be the first to admit I don't understand film profiling, so don't be
> afraid to write replies as in "Profiling for Dummies".

It has to do, I think, with whether you wish to neutralize or 
retain the specific spectral characteristics of the film you're 
shooting with.  Time was, when one's choice of film (well, 
at least slide film) was predicated on a preference for a 
particular color balance, saturation, etc.  But with a digital 
back end, so much of that can be added in (or removed) 
later on, so I sort of wonder how this whole situation is 

With color negative film, the situation gets even more vague, 
of course, since there's almost no objective way to characterize 
the colors in the negative itself.

rafe b.

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