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Re: PS Elements

From: rafeb@adelphia.net
Subject: Re: PS Elements

On 4 Feb 2002 at 14:58, Carl Grohs wrote:

> PS Elements is a big enough improvement over PS LE to justify the minimal
> cost. It has most of the major features of PS with the exception of the
> curves control,  <snip>

Carl, I don't know if you're right about the Curves control
being missing in Photoshop Elements -- but if you are
correct, I'd say that's plenty reason to avoid it like the

A graphical/bitmap image editor without a Curves tool
is worse than useless, IMHO.

rafe b.


I am right about the curves function not being in PSE. As stated in a
previous post, it all depends on the individual and what level of image
control a person needs. Similar corrections, although not as fine and
precise, can be done with levels and brightness and contrast. It may be all
that a particular person requires.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it is the individual that has
to make their own decision based on their own needs. Not everyone is a
printing pro and a lesser or different approach may be fine for them.

I'm not trying to get into a pissin' contest but the statement that "A
graphical/bitmap image editor without a Curves tool
is worse than useless, IMHO." is just painting the fence with too broad a

Warmest Regards,
Carl Grohs, Jr.    Design Directions    Eden, NC

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