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Re: Polaroid 4000/rebate

On 4 Jan 2002 at 18:16, Gary L. Hunt wrote:

> Actually I haven't really replaced my SS4000--I bought a
> Nikon 4000 to replace it [hoping for better color especially
> in shadow areas] and installed it on a different computer,
> but the Polaroid is still in place.  Since it's only worth about 20%
> of what I paid for it now, it seemed worth keeping it around as
> a backup (or alternative, as the case may be.)  So far I can't
> tell that much difference between the two, but that may be
> because I've only used the Nikon so far on a few slides that
> gave me trouble on the Polaroid.  (Surprise--they're going to
> give me trouble on the Nikon also.)

SImilar story here, Gary.  I still have my SprintScan Plus, 
and am happy to have it on hand as a backup, as it's worth 
approximately zilch on eBay.

Truth be known, on 35 mm, you really have to look closely 
to see the improvement that the LS-8000 brings, on most 
images -- aside from ICE, that is.

What the world needs is a decent 120 film scanner with an 
honest 2700 dpi resolution, at, say, half the price of the LS-120 
or LS-8000.  I'd have bought one in a heartbeat.

rafe b.

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