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Re: time to get digital camera?

In article <FAEBJHPJNNGCAGDNGLNPGEEJDLAA.gsellani@accesscom.com>, gary 
<gsellani@accesscom.com> writes
>Is the point you are making that the use
>of very small CCDs causes the MTF of the optics to become a significant
>source of error?
>Certainly, bigger pixels are better from a standpoint of light gathering
>ability and it's subsequent effect on noise.
Both - although the physically limits on the optics MTF is not a source 
of error, just a limit.

Its the resolution limit that is the reason why few consumer non-SLR 
3.3Mp cameras go beyond f/8 (or f/5.6 in some cases), not the light 
gathering ability.  You can always put more light on the subject, but 
you can't get any more resolution out of an f/8 lens than can be 
resolved by a 6um pixel. Since many consumer digicams use 3um pixels you 
are well on the downward slope of resolution just a little beyond f/4!

With the 12um pixel of the Contax I did not consider that a detailed 
explanation of WHY some high pixel count digicams can actually have less 
resolution than lower pixel count units was worthwhile in the previous 
post.  With pixels of that size it is good for true pixel count 
assessments right up to beyond f/16.
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