Question regarding FreeBSD and Samba

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Hello to everyone!
I'm new here, pls don't be cruel with me :)
My question is about refreshing explorer after creating (with a right click ->"New Folder" action) on Samba share.
My configuration is:
FreeBSD 7.2
Samba 3.0.36
Samba shares is on Raid 1 (hardware)(if this may be a reason for something).

In smb.conf i have:

       writeable = yes
       path = /home/share
       force directory mode = 770
       force group = share
       force create mode = 770
       comment = share
       valid users = @share
       create mode = 770
       directory mode = 770

I cannot understand why sometimes when a user try to create New Folder directly on share through Explorer browser (from windows machine), the browser doesn't refresh directories and this lead to subsequent errors related to actions about renaming created "New Folder"-s. Every time user have to refresh to see what is going on...
Thanks in advance!
P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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