Error message about lock database

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I'm running samba on a fully updated CentOS-6.3 box as a fileserver 
exporting to Win7 clients.


Anybody got an idea what is causing the following error message. It's 
filling up my logs.

[2012/09/19 11:40:20.710031,  1] smbd/server.c:267(remove_child_pid)
  Scheduled cleanup of brl and lock database after unclean shutdown
[2012/09/19 11:40:40.729746,  1] smbd/server.c:240(cleanup_timeout_fn)
  Cleaning up brl and lock database after unclean shutdown

This is only seen on CentOS-6.3 a replacement server for CentOS-5.8 an 
not on another CentOS-5.8 box. It doesn't seem to affect samba working 
at least the students haven't complained ;-)


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