Re: Samba 3.3.4 - Win7 Latency with MS Office files

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Thanks for the ideas !

Does enabling nameservice cacheing mean starting winbindd ? Wondering what the implications of having this running on a network with an actual Win DC running as well are ? Meaning this is a "standalone" instance of a samba server that I am trbl shooting.

I have a development version running the latest, 3.6.7 build and am testing with Win7 clients but seem to still be getting latency after multiple files are opened.

I will try the temp file default location change  though as well.


At 9:50 AM -0400 8/9/12, Gaiseric Vandal wrote:
Did you try enabling the name service caching daemon on the server?
(has its pros can cons.)

I would also try XP+Office 2010 and WIn 7+ Office 2007 to see if you can
shake out which is the actual problem.

Also, can you configure office to store temp files on the local PC, and
not the same directory as the office file is located.

On 08/08/12 16:51, John Goubeaux wrote:

 I am running a  3.3.4 version of  Samba ( stand alone) on Solaris 10
 configured to auth against  LDAP for user auth and have recently,
 after migrating a variety of user desktops to Win7 and MS Office
 2010,  began seeing an increased latency in opening files.  ie
 previous 3" times are now  30-45 "

 Users were previously running WinXP and using MS office 2007.

 Question:  Is an upgrade to the latest stable 3.x  Ver  likely to
 resolve this OR am I also missing some more stringent security
 settings I need to address b/c of Win7 ?

 Any ideas or clues appreciated.


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