Re: 'x' bit always set?

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On 02/08/12 10:09, NdK wrote:
Il 02/08/2012 10:49, NdK ha scritto:
          map readonly = no
          map archive = no
          map system = no
           map hidden = no
According to the man page, when "store dos attributes" is set, those
should be ignored. But I added 'em anyway.
Uhm... Seems the man page is contraddictory... In map * says they get
ignored, in store dos addtibutes it says they should be set to 'no' to
avoid fallback... Mah!

This is the result when I put a file via Dolphin's smb:// handler:
Just to be sure, I now used smbclient:

$ smbclient -U diego.zuccato //str00160-samba/diego.zuccato/

Enter diego.zuccato's password:

Domain=[PERSONALE] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.5.6]

smb: \>  put index.html
putting file index.html as \index.html (79,6 kb/s) (average 79,6 kb/s)
smb: \>  ls
   .                                   D        0  Thu Aug  2 11:03:44 2012
   ..                                  D        0  Thu Aug  2 11:03:35 2012
   index.html                          A      163  Thu Aug  2 11:03:44 2012

                 65535 blocks of size 33553920. 65535 blocks available

But the result is always the same:
root@str00160-samba:/srv/shared/PERSONALE/diego.zuccato# ls -l
totale 8
-rwxrwx---+ 1 diego.zuccato domain_users 163  2 ago 11.03 index.html

That may well be something to do with the way the share is setup or the way smbclient is operating. I was just noting that you can use extended attributes to store the DOS attributes and not bother doing any mapping.

Have you verified that you are storing DOS attributes in extended attributes, something like this on the server

[root@nabak Pictures]# getfattr -d Thumbs.db
# file: Thumbs.db

Note the lack of "map hidden = no" in my original reply was down to cut and paste error out of my smb.conf


Jonathan A. Buzzard                 Email: jonathan (at)
Fife, United Kingdom.
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