Re: Linux SSO with samba4?

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Hi Bernd,

I looked through your solaris sso setup and I noticed that you use autofs
for auto-mounting /home.  Will this not give problems with mobile platforms
when they don't have access to there home directories?
There is some interesting info on SSO and cached credentials here:


On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 1:46 PM, Bernd Markgraf

> Hi,
> I am running such a setup for over 2 years now. Samba4 acting as AD for
> the Windows Clients and LDAP/Kerberos for Linux and Solars clients. All
> users are stored centrally and no local users on the clients.
> I'd have to dig for more information on the setup though, as it's been a
> while since I implemented it.
> has my notes on setting up the Solaris clients. Linux was mostly similar
> enough with further information on several other sites.
> HTH,
>   Bernd
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