Re: how to automount a kerberos cifs share

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On 06/14/2012 10:35 AM, steve wrote:
On 06/13/2012 11:30 PM, Gaiseric Vandal wrote:
On 06/13/12 17:08, steve wrote:
On 13/06/12 21:10, Gaiseric Vandal wrote:
How about if you use NFS v4 with kerberos instead of CIFS?

On 06/13/12 14:58, steve wrote:

Is there any way I can store the Administrator key in a keytab and use
that? Or any other solution?
Got a workaround:
1. Extract the keytab
2. chmod 0600 it
3. k5start Administrator -f keytab
4. Stick it a script to start before anyone goes anywhere near the automounter

Anything more elegant anyone?

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