Re: Samba4 LDAP: how to write to idmap.ldb

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On 05/12/2012 11:30 PM, steve wrote:
Hi everyone

I can change a mapping in idmap.ldb according to the samba4 wiki:

But if I delete an object via ldbmodify or ldbedit, it doesn't delete the entry in idmap.ldb. We have users who we deleted long ago still present there. Over a period of time, this could amount to a lot of wasted space.

No the space used in idmap for a user mapping is ridiculously small if you don't have removed ~ 10 000 users it's not worth to worry about
Would it be possible that samba-tool user delete <x> and samba-tool group delete <y> also delete the corresponding entry in idmap.ldb?

Yeah it could be file an request in bugzilla explaining this, it's an enhancement and I think it has a pretty low priority.

In the same time you should ask also for an expunge command so that if you removed the user/group from ADCU we could remove all inactive groups.

But that's very very very low priority to me but should be rather easy to do.

Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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